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Thursday 20 May 2010

FIFA has an ethics committee ?

So who knew?

Apparently FIFA has an ethics committee. It's anyone's guess what they do, as they're certainly not concerned about the ethics of footballers openly cheating on the field. Even when it's in front of billions of people.

BUT...... Luckily, some half-wit, English Lord has been mouthing off and seems to have woken up the "FIFA ethics committee" from their comatose stupor and actually given them something to do.

So, this is the whole Bad karma scoop in a nutshell. With an interesting conclusion at the end, so please read on.

So the story goes....

Lord Lord Triesman , who just so happens to be the head of the English F.A, was hanging out with some broad, who is definitely not his mistress, or anything like that, honest. Anyway she just happened to record him slagging off the Russians and the Portuguese, who just happen to have a bid in for the very same 2018 World Cup. Not only that, but the broad, who is DEFINITELY NOT his mistress, then sold the story to the Mail on Sunday, throwing the whole English bid into disarray... and making
David Beckham look like a complete arse!

The whole of England is up in arms, most English people blame the Mail for being unscrupulous and wrecking the English bid, and why not? And even
Gary Lineker throws his tuppence in and quits his writing job with the paper.

The story gets stranger, you see, turns out, the FIFA ethics committee, suddenly appears from now where and wants to investigate every detail....

WHAT?....... Here's where the bad karma meters go off the charts.

You see, when I watch the footy, as I like to do, I see countless cheaters, openly flouting the rules, diving, faking, lying and generally setting a really poor example to all and guess what the FIFA ethics committee does.... NADA, nothing, zippo, zilch.

In fact the king weasel of them all, Sepp Platter actually likes to see a bit of frisky-ness on the pitch, he thinks it makes it exciting. This third rate footballer, actually thinks that when Italy faked a penalty in the dying minutes of a game, dominated by Australia, that it's all part of the game. He thinks Maradona's "Hand of God" was actually good for the game. The guy is a first-rate cheat, admits to cheating when he played and positively encourages cheating with his cavalier, cheap-car-salesmen- attitude.

A video ref would solve this problem immediately, but Platter totally resists this. He says it would change the nature of the game. He wants the same game to be played in the park as at the world cup. So, if the park can't have video refs, nor can the world cup!!

Obviously, no one seriously, other than Platter, and his cronies, really thinks that a Saturday afternoon pub game is like a world cup qualifier, it's so ridiculous it's laughable. But, let's go with it, let's say, we can only have visual refs, but surely anyone caught cheating on camera should be sanctioned? But No! Even this is a bridge too far for FIFA. The ethics committee rarely sanctions any player for openly cheating and diving, despite being witnessed by billions.

They absolutely WILL NOT take action against cheats, and it is cheating! The ref is there to keep order, if you consciously act in a way to deceive the ref then that's cheating, it's not gamesmanship, it's cheating!

Imagine watching a world snooker finals. The two players are head to head, a hair couldn't separate them. Suddenly one of the players cues a perfect snooker. Luckily, the umpire to the game looks away for a second and the player moves the white ball an inch to the right, into a much better position. The opposing player saw it, the TV commentators saw it and 10 million viewers saw it, but it's fine, because the snooker official missed it, so it's all right. Nice one, game on!

Cheating at football is no different, so as I said at the start, what do the FIFA ethics committee do?

Well, the very same committee, who is not prepared to sanction open cheating on the football field, despite being caught on film and seen by billions, wants to investigate a dubious tape, obtained illegally and in private, of a person who has since resigned.

Is it just me, or is there a big irony here? There's definitely A LOT of bad karma for sure!

The ethics committee needs to sort it's priorities out. They're up like a flash, wanting to investigate the so called ethics of a person's comments which were recorded surreptitiously in PRIVATE, but meanwhile let the very footballer's they're charged to govern run amok on the field to the derision of millions of football fans.


If a recording of a World Cup Game is not sufficient evidence to convict someone of behaving immorally on the field, how can a dubiously obtained tape be enough to sanction someone's comments made in private? Why is the so called ethics committee making such a big deal about this when there's so much immoral behaviour going on right in front of them and a couple of billion sports fans... have they gone nuts?

Does the FIFA ethics committee even understand what ethics are?


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